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Netflix Teases Sneak Peek of Kate Middleton's Iconic Moment

Netflix Teases Sneak Peek of Kate Middleton's Iconic Moment
Published 5 months ago on Dec 14, 2023

The scene, set at a St Andrew's charity fashion show, captures the moment Prince William first noticed Kate in 2002.

In the teaser clip, Wokingham actress Meg Bellamy, 21, plays Kate, sashaying down the runway at St Andrews' Bay Hotel in a famous sheer dress and black underwear. The video showcases the young William captivated by Kate, marking the beginning of their love story.

The actual event, more than two decades ago, saw William reportedly paying £200 for a front-row ticket, commenting, "Wow, Kate's hot." This moment is considered a turning point, propelling the couple from close friends to romantic partners.

The iconic dress worn by Kate during the fashion show later sold for £78,000 at auction, solidifying its status as one of Kate's most memorable fashion moments.

The final six episodes of "The Crown," set for release on December 14, will feature Meg Bellamy as Kate, Ed McVey as William, and Luther Ford as Prince Harry. The series will explore the young royals' lives and challenges, including Prince William's integration into Eton after Princess Diana's death.

The teaser clip hints at a heartfelt portrayal of William and Kate's relationship, showcasing the talented cast's ability to capture the essence of the iconic couple.

Meg Bellamy, who portrays Kate, won the role through a self-taped audition and has since become a rising star in the acting world. Her on-screen success has translated into the fashion world, with prestigious designers vying to dress her. The 21-year-old actress has attended Paris Fashion Week and signed a deal to become the new face of Dior.

As "The Crown" delves into the lives of the young royals, the series continues to draw attention for its portrayal of historical events and characters. The highly anticipated second part of the final series promises to deliver captivating performances and nuanced storytelling.

The Crown: Season Updates and Future

Current Status:

  • Yes, there is a 6th season of The Crown confirmed. However, it is currently in the early stages of development and filming is not expected to begin until 2024.
  • Therefore, The Crown will not be returning in 2023. The fifth season premiered in November 2022 and there is no planned release date for the sixth season yet.

Timeline and Basis:

  • The Crown is based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The first five seasons covered the period from 1952 to the 1990s.
  • The 6th season will likely explore the early 2000s and beyond. This could include events like the death of Princess Diana, the Queen's Golden Jubilee, and the rise of social media.

Release Time for Season 5:

  • Season 5 of The Crown premiered globally on Netflix on November 9, 2022 at 8:00 AM BST (3:00 AM PST). This means it's already available for streaming and you can watch it at any time.

Additional Information:

  • While the exact release date for season 6 is unknown, it's likely to be sometime in 2025 or later.
  • The cast for season 6 is also not yet confirmed, but it's expected to feature new actors to portray the characters as they age.
  • You can stay updated on any news or announcements about The Crown by following the official Netflix social media accounts or visiting the show's website.

The Crown: Delving Deeper


  • Main Theme: The iconic theme composed by Hans Zimmer is instantly recognizable and sets the regal tone for the series.
  • Soundtrack: Each season features a diverse and evocative soundtrack, often incorporating period-specific songs and orchestral pieces. You can find official playlists on streaming platforms.
  • Characters' Themes: Some key characters have their own recurring musical motifs that highlight their personalities and storylines.


  • Extensive Ensemble: The cast of The Crown is vast, featuring renowned actors portraying historical figures and fictional characters.
  • Season-Specific Changes: As the series progresses through time, new actors join the cast to portray characters at different stages of their lives.
  • Critical Acclaim: The performances in The Crown have been widely praised, earning numerous awards and accolades.

Season 6:

  • Confirmed but in Early Stages: While officially confirmed, filming for season 6 is not expected to begin until 2024, and a release date is yet to be announced.
  • Expected Timeline: The season will likely explore the early 2000s and beyond, covering significant events like Princess Diana's death and the Queen's Golden Jubilee.
  • Casting Uncertainty: The cast for season 6 is not yet confirmed, but it's expected to include new actors to portray aging characters.


  • Filmed in the UK: The Crown is primarily filmed in various locations throughout the United Kingdom, with elaborate sets recreating historical settings.
  • Specific Sites: Some iconic locations featured include Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Downing Street, and various stately homes.
  • International Recognition: The series' meticulous attention to detail and authentic portrayal of British history have garnered international acclaim.

Additional Information:

  • Season 1 and 5: The first and most recent seasons of The Crown are available to stream on Netflix.
  • No Hotel or Pub Connection: There's no specific hotel or pub directly associated with The Crown, though fictional establishments are featured within the series.


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