Nursing student, 21, breaks down in tears after finding photos of herself on adult website

Nursing student, 21, breaks down in tears after finding photos of herself on adult website
Published 6 months ago on May 08, 2023

A nursing student who decided to try her hand at modelling to raise some extra cash had her trust betrayed when her photos were uploaded to OnlyFans without her knowledge or consent.

Sava Schultz, who was 19 at the time, had worked with a photographer and had taken a series of photos wearing a sheer dress.

The now 21-year-old from Utah, US, discovered her images had been uploaded by the photographer to the subscription-based site after people in her close circle spotted them.

Recalling the moment she learned of the betrayal, Sava said her “heart sank” – and worse comments also suggested the images had been leaked on Reddit.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Sava said: “I feel like it can make you very vulnerable to having photos like that accessible to anyone. I hated that I had no control over it.

“This breach of trust initially made me feel devastated, and really vulnerable. I also was angry that someone was benefiting from it, so I started to take control of the situation.”

While Sava wanted the photos removed, she says she could not take legal action as she “didn’t have a written agreement with the photographer”.

Sava, who now works full-time as a model and content creator, says she has learned her lesson.

“After experiencing a violation of my privacy and control over my image, I started my own OnlyFans account to take back control and profit from my own content”, Sava told.

“My reaction to launching my own OnlyFans account can vary depending on the individual, but I feel empowered to share my content on my own terms and engage with my supportive online community.”

The 21-year-old warns that a similar violation of privacy and of your images could happen to anyone so people should always take preventative measures – such as watermarks and copyright protection.

“Be vigilant about who has access to your content,” she added.

“I also make sure now that when working with a photographer I have a contract, and they’re reputable. For example, for my last birthday, I hired a videography crew and made everyone sign an NDA form just because I don’t like my private life being on display.

“The type of person who uploads images without consent and violates people’s trust and privacy should be held accountable for their actions.

“It's never acceptable to share or upload someone else's content without their explicit consent, and doing so can have serious consequences.

“I’m motivated to work hard and be resilient by necessity. My goal is to make my own life happy and to support the people who have been there for me since day one.”

Since taking control of her content, Sava has grown an incredible 1.3 million fans on Instagram, and 1.9m fans on TikTok.


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