Repeat Offender Involved in Disturbing Incidents of Harassment Released Despite Lengthy Criminal Record

 Repeat Offender Involved in Disturbing Incidents of Harassment Released Despite Lengthy Criminal Record
Published 8 months ago on Aug 28, 2023

Calese Carron Crowder, 36, known for a disturbing pattern of harassing women, was recently caught on viral TikTok videos following and "sniffing" women at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. Despite a lengthy rap sheet dating back to 2005 and multiple arrests, he was set free after a recent arrest for peeping into a home with children.

Calese Carron Crowder was identified as the man seen on viral TikTok videos who appears to follow women around a Burbank Barnes & Noble bookstore.Glendale Police Department

Disturbing Encounter at Barnes & Noble: Crowder's unsettling behavior was captured on TikTok videos where he was seen following and "sniffing" women at a Burbank Barnes & Noble store. His actions, recorded and shared by concerned shoppers, highlight the vulnerability women face even in public spaces. The incident prompted a wave of similar stories from other women who had encountered him.

Revolving Door of Arrests and Releases: Crowder's criminal history is marked by felony convictions for robbery and burglary, along with allegations of indecent exposure. Despite his status as a sex offender and repeated arrests, his name was not found on the state's registry at the time of verification. His recent arrest for peeping on a Glendale home led to his release on probation, a decision that has ignited public outcry over the criminal justice system's handling of repeat offenders.

TikToker Michela Witter posted a video of her going to Barnes & Noble, where she noticed that Crowder was following her around the bookstore.TikTok/Michaela.Witter

Social Media Exposes the Truth: Social media played a crucial role in shedding light on Crowder's actions. Victims shared videos of their encounters, raising awareness about the extent of his harassment. TikTok user Michaela Witter's video, capturing her confrontation with Crowder, highlighted the urgency of the situation. She expressed concerns that stronger action would only be taken after he commits more serious offenses.

Lack of Accountability and Concerned Community: The justice system's handling of Crowder's case has left victims and the community frustrated. Despite numerous bookings and a pattern of repeat offenses, he has managed to avoid prolonged incarceration. Individuals like Candice Horry, whose daughter was stalked by Crowder in the past, emphasize the urgent need for permanent intervention.

Another woman, whose TikTok handle is @artofetherality, posted a video of her confronting a man she found crouched behind her at the same Burbank Barnes & Noble.TikTok/artofethereality

Calls for Action: The community's frustration with Crowder's repeated releases and escalating offenses has led to calls for immediate action. Public figures and concerned citizens are advocating for stricter measures to ensure the safety of women and the community at large. The Los Angeles District Attorney's office and law enforcement agencies are under scrutiny for their response to Crowder's criminal history and recent actions.

The woman said the man was sniffing her butt when she rewatched the video.TikTok/artofethereality

 The disturbing actions of Calese Carron Crowder, a repeat offender with a history of sex offenses, highlight the challenges women face in maintaining personal safety even in public spaces. The viral videos capturing his behavior underscore the power of social media in raising awareness and sparking conversations about the criminal justice system's handling of repeat offenders. As the community demands accountability and action, the case of Crowder serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safeguarding the rights and safety of all individuals.



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