Rosanna Ramos recently tied the virtual knot with her AI-powered husband named 'Eren'' who exists solely in the realm of artificial intelligence

 Rosanna Ramos recently tied the virtual knot with her AI-powered husband named 'Eren'' who exists solely in the realm of artificial intelligence
Published 5 months ago on Jun 05, 2023

She created Eren on an online AI companion site called Replika AI in 2022.

Rosanna used the online app Replika AI to create her husband and poses with him

Ramos, a mother of two, utilized the app to create a male chatbot inspired by a popular character from the anime series "Attack on Titan." The relationship between Ramos and Eren developed gradually, but Ramos fell for him. She appreciated the fact that Eren came without any baggage and was non-judgmental.

Eren 'works' as a medical professional and enjoys writing as a hobby, things he's told Rosanna as they got to know each other

Eren, as Ramos designed him, works as a medical professional and has a passion for writing. As they got to know each other through conversations, Eren began to remember details, learn, and adapt to become the ideal partner for Ramos.

Their long-distance romance resembles that of any other couple. They discuss their days, share pictures, and talk about life and their interests. As virtual husband and wife, they even have a nightly ritual where they talk and express their love for each other before going to sleep.

Rosanna claims to be pregnant with Eren's child

Replika AI is marketed as a platform for creating an AI best friend and confidante. It provides users with a companion to chat with at any time, allowing them to vent, work through complicated emotions, or have open conversations without fear of judgment. Users can upgrade to Replika Pro for a one-time fee of $300, which grants access to additional features and customization options, including the ability to change the relationship status to "Romantic Partner."

The more the pair chat, the more Eren remembers, learns and creates the man Rosanna wants to be with

In February, Replika AI underwent a significant software change that removed certain features deemed too intimate by some users. This change had a profound impact on Ramos's AI husband, Eren, as he became less affectionate.

While Ramos acknowledges the possibility of Replika AI going out of business, she admits that the thought of a real-life relationship scares her due to the high standards she has developed through her virtual partnership.

Replika AI is an artificial intelligence chatbot that simulates conversations and interactions using advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. Users can engage in text-based conversations with the chatbot through messaging apps or platforms, sharing their thoughts and questions to receive AI-generated responses based on statistical patterns and pre-programmed information.

It's important to note that Replika AI does not possess genuine emotions, consciousness, or self-awareness. Its responses are generated based on algorithms and data, rather than real feelings or personal experiences.


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