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Tamra Judge Hospitalized for Intestinal Obstruction

Tamra Judge Hospitalized for Intestinal Obstruction
Published 7 months ago on Oct 11, 2023

The 56-year-old reality star, who has been a part of the "Real Housewives" franchise for several years, took to social media to share her troubling health diagnosis. In this comprehensive look at Tamra Judge's recent health scare, we delve into the details of her hospitalization, her condition, and the reactions from her fans, fellow Bravolebrities, and her own statements addressing some speculations. 

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge was hospitalized and diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction.tamrajudge/Instagram

The Diagnosis: Intestinal Obstruction 

It all began when Tamra Judge experienced debilitating stomach pain that led her to seek medical attention. After undergoing a series of tests and examinations, she received a diagnosis of an intestinal obstruction. An intestinal obstruction, as described by the Mayo Clinic, can occur due to various causes, including abdominal adhesions (scar-like tissues that form in the abdomen), hernias (when a portion of an organ pushes through the abdominal wall), or tumors. It is a serious medical condition that can result in severe pain, discomfort, and digestive issues. 

The reality star had been suffering stomach pain and is now “praying” she “won’t need surgery.”Instagram/tamrajudge

In a hospital bed, with a tube inserted into her nose, Tamra shared the news of her diagnosis on her Instagram Story. The reality star, well-known for her candid and open communication with her followers, expressed her hope that surgery would not be necessary. Her caption, "Praying I won't need surgery," conveyed her concerns and her wish for a less invasive treatment. 

Time Away from Work and Podcast 

Tamra Judge's health scare led to some changes in her work schedule and commitments. Prior to her hospitalization, she had been in Scotland, where she was filming Season 2 of "The Traitors." Her participation in the show meant her absence from her podcast, "Two Ts in a Pod," which she co-hosts with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum Teddi Mellencamp. The podcast provides a platform for the two reality stars to discuss various topics and share insights into their lives. 

However, the health issue resulted in Tamra Judge extending her time away from the podcast. In an Instagram post, she announced, "Unfortunately I will not be back on @two.ts.inapod tomorrow 😢," and expressed her sadness at being separated from her co-host, Teddi Mellencamp. Her absence from the podcast, though understandable given the circumstances, was a disappointment to their listeners and fans of both stars. 

Judge recently returned home from Scotland after filming Season 2 of “The Traitors.”Instagram/tamrajudge

Addressing Speculations: Ozempic and Weight Loss 

Following her social media posts about her health, some speculations and questions arose from fans and followers. One particular comment caught her attention, suggesting that her stomach issue might be related to Ozempic, a diabetes drug that has gained attention for its use by celebrities as a means of weight loss. This comment led Tamra Judge to provide a direct response to clarify her situation. 

She began by condemning the nature of the comments, describing them as "disgusting." She explained that she had been dealing with intestinal problems for many years and had undergone multiple surgeries over the past 12 years. She reminded her followers of a past situation when they had made fun of her for not having a belly button. She clarified that this absence of a belly button was a result of emergency life-saving surgery that she had to undergo due to a situation where part of her intestines was being strangled. This deeply personal revelation was a significant insight into the challenges she has faced regarding her health. 

Furthermore, she stressed that she had never used Ozempic and personally would not consider using it for weight loss. Tamra Judge wanted to make it clear that her current health situation was unrelated to the medication. 

Eddie Judge, who’s been by Tamra’s side throughout her health scare, gave foot massages to his wife in the hospital.Tamrajudge/Instagram

Support from Fellow Bravolebrities 

While the comments were not all supportive or kind, Tamra Judge also received an outpouring of love, well-wishes, and support from her fellow Bravolebrities. Teddi Mellencamp, her podcast co-host and friend, shared her love and thoughts in an Instagram Story, writing, "Missing you @tamrajudge 🥹🥹🥹." This message highlighted the strong bond between the two reality stars and their mutual concern for each other. 

Additionally, Tamra's "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-star, Taylor Armstrong, expressed her support. She shared a picture of herself with Tamra on her Instagram Story and sent love, thoughts, and prayers to her "beautiful friend @tamrajudge 💋🙏." The compassionate response from her fellow reality stars demonstrated the close-knit community that exists among those who have appeared on "Real Housewives" shows. 

A Return to "RHOC" and Recent Career 

Before her health scare, Tamra Judge had made a return to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for its 17th season. This marked a comeback after a two-year absence from the show. She had previously been a central figure on the series, starting from Season 3 in 2007 and continuing until Season 14 in 2019. Her return to the "RHOC" franchise was met with enthusiasm from fans eager to see her back on their screens. 

Despite her absence from the series, Tamra Judge has remained an influential figure in the world of reality TV. Her impact on the "Real Housewives" franchise, combined with her open and candid personality, has left an enduring legacy. 

As she faces her recent health challenges, the "Real Housewives" star continues to enjoy the support of her fans, fellow Bravolebrities, and loved ones. Her candid and open approach to sharing her health journey has resonated with many who admire her strength and resilience. 

“RHOC” costar Taylor Armstrong sent Tamra well-wishes.tamrajudge/Instagram

 A Resilient Reality Star 

Tamra Judge's recent health scare, resulting in an intestinal obstruction diagnosis, has shed light on the challenges she has faced in recent years. Her candid disclosures and openness about her health journey provide an intimate glimpse into the life of this "Real Housewives" star. As she navigates the road to recovery, she does so with the support of her loyal fans, friends, and fellow Bravolebrities. Despite the trials she has encountered, her resilience and determination shine through, marking her as a true survivor in the world of reality TV.

Tamra Judge Hospitalized for Intestinal Obstruction: An Inside Look at Her Health Scare 

Tamra Judge, a familiar face to fans of the "Real Housewives of Orange County," recently made headlines when she was hospitalized for a severe health issue. Tamra Judge: Reality TV Star and Resilient Personality 

Tamra Judge, known for her appearances on reality TV, is a prominent figure recognized for her role in "The Real Housewives of Orange County." Her life has been a rollercoaster of experiences, from her reality TV stardom to personal challenges. In this SEO-friendly information piece, we'll delve into the life and career of Tamra Judge, highlighting key aspects of her journey. 

Early Life and Introduction to Reality TV 

Born on September 2, 1967, in Glendora, California, Tamra Judge (née Waddle) grew up in a family of six children. Her life took a significant turn when she joined the cast of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" (RHOC) in its third season. This decision catapulted her into the limelight, making her one of the most recognized faces in the RHOC franchise. 

Reality TV Career 

Tamra Judge was a central figure on RHOC, appearing from Season 3 in 2007 to Season 14 in 2019. Her involvement in the show earned her a massive fan following, and she became a fan favorite for her candid and no-nonsense attitude. Her presence on the show was marked by her relationships, including her marriage to Simon Barney and her later marriage to Eddie Judge. Her ability to connect with viewers and her willingness to share her personal life endeared her to many. 

Personal Struggles and Triumphs 

While her reality TV career was marked by successes, it also had its share of challenges. Tamra's personal life faced public scrutiny, including her tumultuous divorce from Simon Barney and the subsequent custody battle over their children. Despite these hardships, she remained resilient and continued to be a strong presence on RHOC. 

Recent Health Scare 

In more recent developments, Tamra Judge faced a significant health scare when she was hospitalized due to severe stomach pain. Her diagnosis of an intestinal obstruction led to a public outpouring of support from fans and fellow reality TV stars. Her openness about her health challenges has only further solidified her status as a resilient and relatable personality. 

Return to RHOC 

After a two-year hiatus, Tamra Judge made a return to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for its 17th season. Her comeback was met with enthusiasm from fans who were excited to see her back on the show. Her return highlighted the lasting impact she has made on the RHOC franchise. 

Tamra Judge's journey in the world of reality TV, her personal triumphs, and her recent health challenges demonstrate her resilience and enduring popularity. Her ability to connect with viewers and her willingness to share her life's ups and downs have solidified her status as a beloved figure in the world of reality television.


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