Taylor Swift Fans Complain of Being Kicked Out of Ticketmaster Queue

Taylor Swift Fans Complain of Being Kicked Out of Ticketmaster Queue
Published 2 months ago on Jul 18, 2023

Some fans have even been forced to buy VIP tickets because they are the only ones left.

Tickets for the tour have been selling for as much as £1,369 for a pair.

Fans have lambasted the current system, calling for it to be changed.

They say that the system is not fair and that people cannot afford to pay hundreds of pounds for tickets.

A Ticketmaster spokesperson said that the site has not crashed and that there have been no issues.

However, fans say that they have been experiencing problems with the queue.

They say that they have been kicked out of the queue or that they have been redirected to another website.

Fans were also outraged to discover that tickets have been made strictly non-transferable by Ticketmaster.

This means that the person who bought the tickets must be present at the event with a valid photo ID.

Social media sites are being bombarded with people selling tickets after claiming they have bought extra tickets or can no longer attend the show.

Experts have warned fans to avoid buying tickets from unofficial sources.

The general sale for tickets for London on August 16 and Liverpool on June 14 goes on sale at 1pm today.

Liverpool's final date on June 15 goes on general sale at


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