Taylor Swift plants a kiss on boyfriend Travis Kelce in very loved up snap

Taylor Swift plants a kiss on boyfriend Travis Kelce in very loved up snap
Published 2 months ago on Oct 23, 2023

This heartwarming moment came after the pop sensation watched her NFL star beau secure another victory for the Kansas City Chiefs. 

First kiss! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have taken their relationship to the next level - posing for loved up snaps on Instagram; from L to R: Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift, Chariah Gordon and Mecole Hardman Jr

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have certainly been catching the world's attention with their whirlwind romance. On Monday morning, Chariah Gordon, who is the girlfriend of Travis' Chiefs teammate, Mecole Hardman Jr, posted a series of photos on Instagram, marking the adorable moment when Taylor and Travis shared their first public kiss. 

In the viral image, the 33-year-old Taylor Swift, a global music sensation, is seen reaching up to kiss her football player boyfriend, the 34-year-old Travis Kelce, sweetly on the cheek. Their hands rest intimately on each other's chests, emphasizing the affection they share. 

Lovers: The first image Chariah posted featured Travis - who stands at six-feet-five-inches - towering over his girlfriend Taylor (who is five-feet-11-inches) - who swapped out her black heeled loafers for sneakers

The romantic moment occurred in the family and friends area of Arrowhead Stadium after the Chiefs secured a remarkable victory against the Los Angeles Chargers with a final score of 31-7. 

The heartwarming images were captured inside a private room at the stadium, with other people in the background of the photos. In one of the photos, Travis, who stands tall at six-feet-five-inches, towers over Taylor, who is five-feet-11-inches. Taylor, who initially wore black heeled loafers, had changed into sneakers. The pair were beaming with joy, with Travis wrapping his arm around Taylor, and the happiness was evident as they posed alongside Chariah Gordon and Mecole Hardman. 

New pals: Taylor posed with Chariah for cute snap

Chariah also posted a heartwarming image where she and Mecole are cuddled up, while Taylor plants a sweet kiss on Travis' cheek. The last image she shared was a girls-only moment, with Chariah and Taylor smiling radiantly in the snapshot. 

Win: The group had plenty of reasons to smile - with the Chiefs winning their Sunday match up against the Los Angeles Chargers 31-7; Travis seen during the game on Sunday in Kansas City

The love story of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has been captivating, especially as Travis continues to lead his team to victory. Taylor attended the game dressed in her Chiefs crewneck sweater over a coordinating Chiefs tee, with a black mini skirt and lace-up loafers. She also sported a friendship bracelet with Travis' jersey number, #87. During the game, she sat in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, along with Patrick Mahomes' wife, Brittany Mahomes, who was accompanied by their two children, Sterling Mahomes and Bronze Mahomes, and Patrick's brother, Jackson Mahomes. 

Victory: Travis caught 12 passes for 179 yards - including a touchdown with only 15 seconds left in the first half of the game after Patrick threw the ball to Travis from the one-yard line and the tight end pushed through the Chargers defense into the end zone

Travis Kelce's remarkable performance during the game included catching 12 passes for 179 yards, and he scored a touchdown with just 15 seconds left in the first half. Travis and Taylor's post-game celebration took place at Travis's mansion, surrounded by friends. 

Their budding romance became official on September 24 when Taylor attended her first Chiefs game. It remains a mystery when the couple began seeing each other in person, but Travis had previously expressed his hope of meeting Taylor at one of her Eras Tour stops. 

Happy: Taylor attended the game in her Chiefs crewneck sweater - on top of a coordinating Chiefs tee - adding a black mini skirt and lace up loafers (before changing into Nike sneakers): seen with Brittany Mahomes (who was holding daughter Sterling) and Patrick's brother Jackson Mahomes

Following their public kiss at Arrowhead Stadium, Travis and Taylor walked hand in hand, fueling the excitement around their relationship. This sweet and romantic moment marked a significant step in their whirlwind love story, leaving fans eager to witness more of their heartwarming journey together.

Absolute glee: Taylor and Brittany couldn't hide their excitement as Travis and Patrick helped lead the Chiefs to victory

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