Taylor Swift's ''You're Losing Me'' Finally Hits Spotify

Taylor Swift's ''You're Losing Me'' Finally Hits Spotify
Published 7 months ago on Nov 29, 2023

Swifties around the world are in a frenzy as Taylor Swift's much-anticipated track, "You're Losing Me," from The Vault, has finally landed on streaming platforms, including Spotify, seven months after the singer's high-profile split from ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The song, believed to be a poignant reflection on their six-year-long relationship, had initially been released on her web store in May before making its way to mainstream streaming services this Wednesday.

The track is believed to allude to her break-up with Joe (pictured 2019)

Dedicated fans expressed their elation and mixed emotions on social media platforms, with one playfully suggesting, "Legend has it 'You're Losing Me' was written using Joe Alwyn's tears as ink." Another fan humorously shared a meme, emphasizing the urgency of listening to the track amidst other distractions, stating, "Not now sweetie, 'You're Losing Me' is out now on streaming platforms."

The global Swiftie community flooded social media with reactions ranging from disbelief to pure joy, sharing GIFs and images to capture the moment. Some fans couldn't contain their excitement, with one exclaiming, "NO WAY.... 'You're Losing Me' OUT EVERYWHERE???? YOU'RE KIDDING ME??" Others creatively celebrated the release by sharing edited images featuring Taylor Swift and expressing gratitude for the long-awaited availability of the track on streaming platforms.

Despite the celebration, some fans found the song bittersweet, with one sharing, "Happy for people who wanted 'You're Losing Me' to be available to stream, but I personally can't listen to that song or I will think about [TRAIN DRIVES BY] [TIRES SCREECHING]-ing Joe Alwyn." Another fan wished Joe Alwyn well, posting, "Merry Christmas Joe Alwyn. 'Stop You're Losing Me' is out on streaming."

Swift delighted fans as she finally dropped track You're Losing Me on streaming services after being crowned Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023

Taylor Swift, recently crowned Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023 with over 26.1 billion global streams, thanked her fans for the honor. She expressed her gratitude on social media, calling the recognition the "best birthday/holiday gift." In response to fan requests, she decided to release "You're Losing Me (From The Vault)" on streaming platforms, allowing fans to enjoy it everywhere.

The song is widely believed to reference her breakup with Joe Alwyn, with lyrics like, "I wouldn't marry me either / A pathological people pleaser / Who only wanted you to see her." With over 108 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Taylor Swift continues to dominate the platform, following her success as the most listened to artist on Spotify Wrapped 2023.

In addition to her individual success, Swift's albums, including "Midnights" and "Lover," secured spots as the second and seventh most listened to albums worldwide. As the year comes to a close, Taylor Swift's impact on the music industry remains undeniable, with her influence extending globally and across various streaming platforms.

Taylor bagged the title of most streamed artist in the UK and the world in this year's Spotify Wrapped  - with more than 26.1 billion global streams

Spotify 2023 Wrapped Global Top Lists  
Most-Streamed Artists Globally 

1. Taylor Swift  

2. Bad Bunny  

3. The Weeknd  

4. Drake  

5. Peso Pluma  

6. Feid  

7. Travis Scott 

8. SZA  

9. Karol G  

10. Lana Del Rey  

Most-Streamed Songs Globally  

1. Flowers by Miley Cyrus  

2. Kill Bill by SZA  

3. As It Was by Harry Styles  

4. Seven (feat. Latto) (Explicit Ver.) by Jung Kook, Latto  

5. Ella Baila Sola by Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma  

6. Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift  

7. Creepin' (with The Weeknd & 21 Savage) by Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, 21 Savage  

8. Calm Down (with Selena Gomez) by Rema, Selena Gomez  

9. Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 by Bizarrap, Shakira  

10. Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift  


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