Wanda Nara’s Instagram account shares DMs from a footballer

Wanda Nara’s Instagram account shares DMs from a footballer
Published 1 years ago on Feb 25, 2023

The photograph is said to show messages from River Plate winger Esequiel Barco, 22, to the Argentine model, 35, in which he says she is 'perfect' followed by an in-love emoji.

An article by Barcelona-based national newspaper Mundo deportivo features the image and explains the context.



It says: "Wanda Nara explained her Instagram account was hacked in the last few hours when some striking responses were known on her profile and the leaking of private chats.

"Among several messages received, a series of responses from Esequiel Barco appeared to her stories.

"'You are so perfect, you have me like this [emoji in love]', the current River Plate [player] replied to the wife of striker Mauro Icardi in one of his stories."

There are no replies to Barco's messages in the photograph of the inbox.


The Argentine is currently on loan with River Plate from MLS side Atlanta United.

A report in celebrity magazine caras on the Insta image says Barco has been married to Boca Juniors cheerleader Micaela Romero since 2018.

But it explains 'the marriage has come to an end' and that Romero is now in another relationship.

Wanda, who has been married to Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi since 2014, has  11. million followers on Instagram. 

The high-profile couple, who have two children together, were involved in a very public cheating row last year. 


She accused of him of infidelity and posted on Instagram: "Another family that you have ruined for a s***".

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Wanda Nara: Openness and Strength on Instagram After Health Battle

Wanda Nara, the Argentinian media personality and businesswoman, has captivated audiences for years with her glamorous life and outspoken personality. But in 2023, she took to Instagram to share a different kind of story – her battle with a serious illness.

A Platform for Sharing and Secrecy

Nara has always used Instagram strategically, offering glimpses into her life as a celebrity spouse (married to footballer Mauro Icardi), entrepreneur, and mother. However, her approach to sharing about her health was measured and deliberate.

Initial Concerns and Media Frenzy

In August 2023, rumors swirled about Nara's health after a hospital visit. Media outlets speculated about a potential diagnosis, including leukemia. Nara, frustrated by the lack of control over the narrative, used Instagram to address the situation directly.

She revealed a routine checkup led to abnormal results and hospitalization for further investigation. Nara emphasized protecting her children from worry and expressed her desire to share details on her own terms, once a definitive diagnosis was available.

A Fight for Privacy and Respect

Nara's message resonated with many. It highlighted the often-blurred line between public figures' personal lives and media intrusion. Her stance on privacy during a challenging time garnered respect and support from fans and fellow celebrities.

Breaking the Silence: Naming the Illness

Weeks later, Nara returned to Instagram, this time with a more personal update. She revealed her diagnosis – leukemia – but also a newfound strength in confronting the illness.

Nara spoke about the initial shock, the fear of the unknown, and the emotional toll on her family. She also expressed gratitude for the medical professionals caring for her and the unwavering support of her loved ones.

A Beacon of Hope and Inspiration

Nara's openness about her health battle served as an inspiration to many. She showed courage in facing a difficult diagnosis and strength in advocating for privacy during a vulnerable time.

Her story resonated not only with fans but also with those battling similar illnesses. Nara's platform became a beacon of hope, proving that even celebrities face health challenges and prioritize family during such struggles.

Life After Diagnosis: Moving Forward

Nara continues to updat her Instagram with glimpses into her life, though details about her health remain scarce. She focuses on her work, her family, and her continued fight against the illness.

Nara's story on Instagram is a testament to the power of the platform for both sharing personal experiences and advocating for privacy. It's a story of strength, resilience, and the importance of family in the face of adversity.


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