World Cup's sexiest fan displays peachy derriere in leotard during boxing session

World Cup's sexiest fan displays peachy derriere in  leotard during boxing session
Published 1 years ago on Apr 03, 2023

Ivana Knoll has wowed fans after hitting the gym and showing off her beachy bum on Instagram.

Former Miss Croatia winner Knoll, who shot to fame while supporting her nation in Qatar last year, was hailed as the World Cups sexiest fan. Since then she's racked up 3.5million Instagram followers who have kept up to date with her life.

Ivana Knoll posted a cheeky video of her boxing session (Image: @knolldoll/Instagram)

Now, the model has taken to Instagram to share a gym session where she got a boxing session in and managed to subtly show off her bum in a peachy leotard while in the ring.

The return to the ring comes after she recently revealed on an Instagram live that she has been unable to get in the gym properly for two months. Since Argentina lifted the most coveted trophy in football back in December, she's been enjoying a hectic lifestyle.

After a tour of the US last month she spent some time in London before jetting off to Paris where she stole the show from PSG players Messi and Mbappe.

Her trip at the beginning of March got off to a bad start as she was robbed and left without any clothes shortly after arriving.

Fortunately, she emerged unscathed from the incident and it didn't stop her from enjoying the night out. But it looks as though she might be settling down a bit and fitting in more training despite jetting the world in her spare time as she tested herself on the pads.

Knoll showed her Instagram followers what she's made of (Image: instagram/knolldoll)

The 30-year-old also confirmed she is single during her live stream, which makes sense given her globetrotting antics, despite being photogrphed with someone of worlds most eligible bachelors on her travels. 

Finding time for a romantic partner would be a tricky task while attending BAFTAs after parties, watching more football games and frequenting night clubs week in week out. 



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