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Amanda Holden Stuns in Chic Ensemble After Heart FM Show

 Amanda Holden Stuns in Chic Ensemble After Heart FM Show
Published 4 months ago on Nov 23, 2023

In a display of impeccable style and undeniable elegance, Amanda Holden, the renowned 52-year-old presenter of Heart FM, made a stunning exit from Global FM on a Thursday morning after hosting her radio show. The Britain's Got Talent judge effortlessly turned heads, opting to go braless under a chic beige halter neck cut-out top from the esteemed online brand Pretty Lavish.

Stunning: Amanda Holden, 52, looked stylish as she went braless in a halter neck keyhole top and mini skirt as she headed home from Heart FM on Thursday 

Pairing the fashionable top with a black and grey tweed mini skirt from Whistles, Amanda completed her ensemble with a casually draped black blazer, exuding an air of sophistication. The presenter showcased her leggy figure, wrapped in simple black tights and elevated by the classic Jimmy Choo black heels that she playfully highlighted on her Instagram. As her blonde locks gracefully fluttered in the wind, Amanda carried her essentials in a black croc leather bag, adding the finishing touch with her signature sunglasses.

In a candid fashion commentary on her Instagram, Amanda discussed the details of her ensemble, stating, "This gorgeous top, how lovely is this detailing? It slips over your head; it's got two little buttons at the back. Super nice for Christmas or any other time of the year. This is from Pretty Lavish. This cute little skirt is from Whistles. I mean, this is a no-brainer; you can wear it with a chunky knit or a black polo neck." Her insight not only showcased her keen fashion sense but also offered valuable tips to her followers.

Gorgeous: The Britain's Got Talent judge paired the top with a black and grey tweed mini skirt from Whistles and swung a black blazer jacket over her shoulders

While Amanda opted for a sophisticated palette of neutral colors, her co-host Ashley Roberts opted for a more vibrant approach. The former Pussycat Doll, aged 42, captured attention in a colorful Gucci set, featuring a pink Fiorucci Flora denim co-ord adorned with playful cherubs. Paired with a beige polo neck jumper, baby pink heels, and a cream fluffy handbag, Ashley demonstrated her own unique sense of style.

This sartorial display unfolded after the Heart FM presenters attended Global's Make Some Noise charity gala at the luxurious Londoner Hotel on Tuesday night. The gala serves as a platform to raise funds for Global's Make Some Noise charity, dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children, young people, and their families across the UK.

Wow: Amanda put on a leggy display in the garment as she wrapped up in simple black tights and Jimmy Choo black heels

Amanda, who co-hosted the event, elevated the temperature in a semi-sheer black De Fichier gown, featuring provocative cutouts and a plunging neckline that revealed her skimpy lingerie beneath. Ashley, too, left little to the imagination in a saucy lace dress with an asymmetrical neckline, showcasing her unique fashion flair.

Beyond the glamour and glitz of the gala, Amanda and Ashley's fashionable appearances contribute to a broader conversation about the intersection of style and philanthropy. The duo not only serves as fashion icons but also as advocates for charitable causes, using their influential platforms to bring attention to the important work of Make Some Noise.

Expensive taste: Showing off her outfit over on her Instagram, the star pointed at her footwear as she said: 'Shoes very expensive, very high. We know where they're from. We love them'

As the Heart FM hosts gracefully navigate the fashion landscape, their willingness to share their experiences, both in terms of style and mental health, adds a layer of authenticity to their public personas. Amanda's recent decision to prioritize her mental health and Ashley's bold revelations about the pressures of the modeling industry resonate with audiences, fostering a sense of connection beyond the glossy images.

Quirky: While Amanda opted for neutral colours, Ashley Roberts, 42, turned heads in a bright pink Fiorucci denim co-ord

Amanda's return to her parents' home for a mental health break earlier this year and subsequent openness about the negative effects of early modeling on her mental health have garnered widespread support. Her decision to take time for self-care sends a powerful message about the importance of mental wellbeing, especially in high-pressure industries like entertainment and fashion.

In a recent interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Lottie delved deeper into the pressures of the modeling industry, shedding light on an alarming reality. She disclosed that she was given alcohol and drugs to cope with the demands of shoots, perpetuating a culture where substances are normalized as coping mechanisms. Lottie's honesty about her experiences is a courageous step towards dismantling the harmful norms within the industry and advocating for change.

Fashion: The former Pussycat Doll' outfit had printed cherubs all over the material 

Addressing the normalization of drug use in the modeling world, Lottie shared, 'I think I just thought it was normal, and I was going to these events and parties, and I was exhausted. That was the only way I was getting through it. A lot of the time I would be showing up to set, and I would not be happy, and I didn't want to do it. I'd be crying my eyes out, and they said, "we'll just get you some drugs, you can have a drink and then you'll be fine." It was very much like that, 'oh, you'll do this shoot, whether you're sober or not. It's going to happen.'"

This revelation is not just a personal reflection but a call to action for the industry to reassess its practices and prioritize the mental and emotional wellbeing of its talents. Lottie's bold move to share her experiences challenges the status quo and underscores the urgent need for a shift in the culture that perpetuates harmful coping mechanisms.

Unreal: Ashley wore her blonde locks loose while completing the outfit with some orange-framed rectangular sunglasses

While Amanda and Ashley's recent fashionable outings tell a story of glamour and sophistication, their underlying advocacy for mental health and philanthropy adds depth to their public personas. By using their platforms to shed light on important issues and engage in authentic conversations, these Heart FM hosts transcend the superficiality often associated with the world of celebrity.

In conclusion, Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts continue to make waves both in the fashion scene and as advocates for meaningful causes. Their recent stylish escapades, marked by Amanda's chic ensemble after the Heart FM show and Ashley's bold Gucci set, not only showcase their individual styles but also amplify their voices in support of Make Some Noise. 

Gala: It comes after the Heart presenters attended Global's Make Some Noise charity gala on Tuesday night, held at the Londoner Hotel 

As the duo navigates the intersection of fashion, mental health, and philanthropy, their influence extends beyond the red carpet, contributing to a narrative that celebrates authenticity, resilience, and the power of using one's voice for positive change.


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